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How to Build Your Best Self with Ultiself

Determine what you want to improve

Filter 150+ good habits by things like mood, energy, focus and confidence

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Select the habits and routines you want to build

Learn about them and decide which ones to track

Get Your Optimal Routine
Ultiself app

Take 2 minutes a day to track your habits and rate your day

It can literally change your life

Get Your Optimal Routine
Ultiself app

Discover YOUR most effective HABITS and OPTIMAL ROUTINE
Our AI algo will do the work!

Get Your Optimal Routine
Ultiself app

Accomplish your goals & Get Actual Measurable Results!

Ultiself is the control panel for your life

  • Powerful life changing content

  • Extremely user friendly interface

  • Actionable personal development method

  • Save time by identifying what Truly move YOU

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We are more than just a biohacking app...
We are a community giving you all the tools you need to succeed!

Discover Habits and biohacks to improve various areas of your Health Mood and Productivity... Focus, Memory, Immunity, and more.

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Get cutting edge articles, videos and entire guides on everything biohacking. Learn about things like genetic testing, longevity, nootropics.


Follow professional made routines created by the pros to improve things like confidence focus, and creativity.

Alex Nekritin

Message from Alex Nekritin

CEO and Founder

ULTISELF is the first and only intelligent habit tracker app.

Instead of blindly promoting biohacks that may or may not work for you, Ultiself uses AI to identify YOUR most effective habits and build your ultimate self.

Our biohacking app is incredibly user friendly and uses advanced gamification to simply make YOUR good habits STICK.

Check it out for yourself and feel what it’s like to live up to your potential!

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