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Lisa Batten, PhD
Psychology, Nootropics Specialist, Certified Fitness Expert
Lisa is an accomplished clinical scientist and therapist who has worked with leading world experts investigating pharmaceutical compounds for the treatment of mental health problems. She coordinated the first study using ketamine for depression in Canada and has continued to use her clinical expertise to fuel her desire to explore ways that all humans can improve their day to day life. As a certified personal trainer, Lisa has combined her passion for fitness along with her expertise in therapeutic regimens and clinical research to investigate various bio-hacks, supplements, and lifestyle changes that effectively bring about positive changes in people’s lives.
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Ryan Sagul
Director of Quantitative Analysis
After getting his bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering & Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ryan became fascinated with machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data. Ryan became a highly skilled python programmer which combined with his strong analytical abilities makes him a highly sought after quantitative analyst. Ryan got Alex excited about using machine learning to optimize people’s lives and the idea for UltiSelf was born!
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Alex Nekritin
CEO & Founder
Alex is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple successful businesses. Ever since 2002 Alex has been passionate about improving himself mentally and physically. Now he is excited to combine his business skills with his passion and create Ultiself, the Ultimate biohacking and self improvement app
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Anita Tejani
Nutritionist, Fitness trainer and psychologist
Anita is a published scientist with a masters of science in personalized nutrition and a bachelors of science in biology, specializing in genetics and microbiology. More and more research is coming out about the importance of gut health and this is Anita’s main area of focus. In fact, her research on microbiota and obesity was featured by the British Association of Nutritional Therapists. Anita is also a highly sought after certified personal trainer and holds a second bachelor's degree in psychology. These accolades make Anita a perfect fit for Ultiself and she is excited to bring her expertise to the team.
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Frank Ferrigno
Doctor of Pharmacy, Fitness fanatic, Health & nutrition consultant
Hi, I'm Doctor Frank Ferrigno, a trained doctor of pharmacy, fitness & nutrition expert. If you want to know what I & my clients do everyday to perform at our best check out my routine on Ultiself & use it to build your ultimate self.
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Lily Bowles
Behavioral Neuroscientist and Habits Expert
Lily is a lifelong science enthusiast who has been fascinated by the brain all her life. She has master’s degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology. Lily is particularly interested in habit formation and how behaviors actually shape and change the physiology of the brain. She has worked with some of the top psychologists and neuroscientists in the world and has an innate ability to make complicated concepts palatable. Lily is excited to bring her expertise to Ultiself.
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Entrepreneur, YouTuber, and a self-proclaimed biohacker with a background in journalism
Katie Moore (Katie Type A) is always investigating and experimenting with new health and wellness tech on her YouTube channel and helps clients improve their sleep health through one-on-one consultations. In addition to biotech research and reviews, Katie is also the co-host of the Beauty and the Biohacker podcast with Rachel Varga. Combining Rachel's holistic science of beauty with Katie's Type A Biohacker spin, these two sit down with some of the biggest icons in the health space to reveal the latest findings in the areas of healthy aging, human optimization, peak performance, and biohacking.
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David Meltzer
Successful Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur
David Meltzer is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and author. In addition to co-founding Sports 1 Marketing, Mr. Meltzer formerly served as the CEO for the highly distinguished Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment. Not only has Mr. Meltzer authored three international best-sellers, he is also executive producer of the uber successful entrepreneur podcast The Playbook, and was named a Top 100 Business Coach. In 2016, he was awarded the Sports Humanitarian of the Year by Variety Magazine in recognition of his achievements.
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Jean Fallacare
Successful entrepreneur, author, speaker & avid biohacker
Hi I am Jean Fallacara, highly successful entrepreneur, author, speaker & avid biohacker. In order to get the most out of each day I follow a very specific routine. To stay on top of this routine and keep myself accountable I use an amazing app called Ultiself. This app reminds me to do what I need and even gives me suggestions of new habits to implement to perform at my best.
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