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About us

Hi, My name is Alex Nekritin and I am the CEO and founder of Ultiself.

My core values are:

  • Health


    Being healthy, fit, energetic and living as long as possible

  • Mood


    Being happy, stress-free, and confident

  • Productivity


    Being focused, clear, creative and successful

Scientists team

These values are so important to me that in addition to researching the heck out of them...


Meet Our Team


These experts help me identify and IMPLEMENT key HEALTH, MOOD, and PRODUCTIVITY boosting habits. Things like:

  • Heart rate variability training to stay clear and focused
  • Posture training to improve confidence
  • Eating saffron to mitigate stress
  • And taking a probiotic to improve my overall mood and immunity (not just digestive health)

I guess that makes me a biohacker :)

The problem

Everybody knows that we are all different and what works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else.

But for some reason the self improvement and biohacking industries ignore this and just pitch cookie cutter information that:

  • Most people already know
  • Some people still purchase
  • And hardly any implement

Identifying MY key habits and actually IMPLEMENTING them is so critical that I decided to build the FIRST BIOHACKING APP IN THE WORLD, ULTISELF.

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If you share even some of my values

Get my app, its FREE

Get Our Self Upgrade System


Our Breakthrough App Will Help You

  • Discover what habits you need to build based on your goals.
  • Identify which habits work best for you…
  • And, most importantly, MAKE THEM STICK

In addition to our app Check out our habit and routine directories:

Habit Directory

Discover Habits

Routine directory

Discover Routines

Where you can find proven habits, activities and ENTIRE ROUTINES for just about any area you are trying to improve.

Read our blog

And make sure to sign up for our blog and newsletter to learn some great life changing hacks like:

  • How focusing on the worst case scenario can actually mitigate your fear
  • Why you have to continuously change most of your habits in order for them to remain effective
  • How playing the same song on repeat can help your focus
  • How to mitigate the many negative effects of meditation
  • How to use light to give you more energy than caffeine

And a whole lot more….

Read Our Blog

OUR TEAM OF SCIENTISTS has all the tools to turn you into your ULTIMATE SELF!
More importantly… and unlike anything else out there in the personal development or biohacking industries….

Ultiself will help you actually INTEGRATE the stuff you learn into your life and MAKE IT STICK!

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To your success!

Alex Nekritin

CEO & Founder

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