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Building the RIGHT HABITS is KEY to upgrading yourself

In order to build a habit you need to create a Trigger Action Reward Loop

Trigger Action Reward Loop

Most Habit Tracker Apps will help you create this loop...

...But Why Ultiself is your Ultimate Personal Development App
What habits should you build? We break down 300+ habits based on what they improve...like confidence, focus, motivation...
Are the habits you are building actually good for you? Our machine learning algorithm identifies YOUR most EFFECTIVE Habits.
Can your habit building app get you results? We use advanced gamification to get you HOOKED on building your best self.
Get Your Optimal Routine

Here is how we stack up as a habit tracker...if that’s all you want

logo Ultiself logo Productive logo Habit Hub logo Streaks logo Habitbull logo Habitify logo Fabulous
Habit Directory - 300+ good habits organized by areas they improve Partial Partial Partial Partial
Powerful Content - Science backed easy to follow text, video & infographics for 150+ habits Partial
Prebuilt Routines for any area you want to improve Partial
Gamification - Score Tracking system with levels Partial
Push and Text Message Reminders Partial
Gamification - Score Tracking system with levels Partial Partial Partial Partial
Leaderboard, groups, competitions and performance based giveaways Coming Soon Partial Partial
Snooze Option on habit reminders Partial
Smartwatch Integrations Partial
SIRI Shortcuts Coming Soon
Time of day breakdown
Routines in tracker
AI algo that identifies YOUR most effective habits
AI based habit suggestions
AI based habit effectiveness rating
Suggestions based on your apple Health App
Optimal Routine Suggestion
Get Your Optimal Routine

As with any app usability is key

Comparison graph

BUT we are WAY more than just a habit tracker

We are your Personal Development and Biohacking App...

Our job is to GET YOU RESULTS

Happy man

Discover how to improve yourself

Improve areas like Confidence, Creativity, Clarity, Focus, Motivation, Sleep

Thinking AI

Create your optimal routine

AI based algo - Determines your most effective habits and optimal routine based on your daily ratings

Ultiself app

Upgrade your health, mood and productivity with the Ultimate Biohacking APP

Need any more reasons to join the Ultiself community???

Here is a bit about us...

Created by scientists


  • Don Martin

    Don Martin

    Neuropsychology PhD, Sports Psychologist, Author & Speaker

  • Lily Bowles

    Lily Bowles

    M.S. Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Lily Bowles

    Ryan Sagul

    Directory of Quantitative Analysis

Tested by Entrepreneurs

  • Alex Nekritin

    Alex Nekritin

    CEO and Founder of Ultiself

Your Ultimate Personal Development app to build your best self

Ultiself app Get Your Optimal Routine

We don’t want to give away all of our secrets…..

….BUT wait till you see the features we are planning to release soon!!!!

It’s gonna blow your mind!

Self Improvement will never be the same again!

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