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3 Keys to Creating Your Optimal Routine

3 Keys to Creating Your Optimal Routine

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Alex Nekritin

CEO and Founder of Ultiself

Table of contents

3 Keys to Creating Your Optimal Routine

Table of contents

Want to know the biggest secret to becoming the best you?

The secret to better productivity, focus, effectiveness, happiness? The secret to achieving your goals?

Top secret stamp

Are you ready for it?….


All the information you need is FREE Online. On Youtube, on Google, on Linkedin...just about everywhere you look.  

Just do a quick Youtube search for topics like, morning routines, habits, money making, discipline, goal setting, and confidence…

Or look up gurus  like; Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, or Joe Dispenza

And you will find more FREE information than you can even begin to handle. 

And Guess what...

Most of the information is pretty good and if used can improve your life.   

So why is it soooo freaking hard to take your life to the next level???

To get more focus, productivity, and control over your life

Just think about it logically….If all the information you need is out there, what do you do next? 

1. The first suggestion is weed out the garbage. 

Everybody knows that there are a ton of quacks out there especially in the personal development space. 

So eliminate the nonsense, people channeling interstellar beings, sweat lodges, people who believe that you can just think about something and it will appear. You get the picture. 

Hand in a pile of crumpled pieces of paper

It’s pretty common sense, stick with taking advice from ultra successful people, concepts backed by science and stuff that just make overwhelming logical sense. There is no need to get too complicated. 

In fact, our habit directory breaks down tons positive habits, tells you how to use them, who uses them and provides the research behind them. We ignore the quacks and and give you any true scoop on each habit. All for FREE! 

2. Next you want to pick the habits and activities that work best for you.  

Just because meditation works wonders for your friend, it does not mean that it will for you. 

Fat man meditates

And just because you are most productive in the morning, doesn’t mean your spouse is. 

Just think about it, If a study that finds that cold showers in the morning improved productivity for 60 out of 100 people, it will deem cold showers to be very effective. But what if you are one of the 40 people that it does nothing for? You may end up making yourself very uncomfortable each morning for nothing.  

Therefore you need to determine which habits have the greatest impact on your productivity, performance, happiness and overall quality of life.

You need to know things like your optimal time to work? To exercise? And to get up in the morning?

This is where UltiSelf comes in. 

Our app tracks your habits, your work, your sleep and even your exercise. 

It also tracks your rating for each day and/or week, certain biometric indicators and what you have accomplished.  

Than we use machine learning to find the optimal habits and routine for you. 

This way you end up doing the most impactful activities at the most impactful times to have the best weeks and days. 

This makes you feel better and puts you on the path to accomplishing your goals

3. Once you have your optimal routine built you need to make it stick. 

Have you ever tried to implement a positive habit into your life? something like meditation?

You read about all the benefits. 

You get excited to do it

You do it for a few weeks with lots of enthusiasm…

But than you kid catches a cold, you get stuck at work, have an urgent business trip, get in a fight with a family member….

And all of a sudden

You skip a day, you skip a few more, and…

And even with the best intentions, your habit is gone. 

You go back to your old routine, feel like a failure and not accomplish our goals

But for some reason throughout this busy time you still managed to play your favorite game on your phone

There is a big reason why gaming is a 134 billion dollar industry. 

Games are fun and addictive. Something about beating your score, getting to certain levels and competing against other players just sucks people in. 

Playing couple

Wouldn't it be great if doing things that are good for you was like playing a video game? 

This is exactly the reason why gamifying your daily habits and activities is critical to making them stick. 

And this is why we added a gamification component to our tools. 

As your routine gets optimized you earn more and more points and see your ranking among other UltiSelf users.

Habit building, goal setting  and meditation apps have drastically in popularity. 

Many of these apps are great. But the biggest issue is that people do not use them. 

Gamification something that will cause people to be truly motivated to use these powerful life altering tools. 

So if you sometimes feel that your life is out of control. That you just can not get a grip. 

  • Ultiself is your control panel. 
  • You can set goals and objectives. 
  • Build powerful habits. 
  • Track your activities. 
  • And use our proprietary machine learning technology to optimize your life and put you on the right path to success.
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