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Play sport outside

Play sport outside

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Playing sport outside can improve your physical health, mood and creativity.

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How to Do It

There’s not much to it: Just get outside and play sports. There are many public sports facilities, parks and other open areas you can use to play your favorite sport.

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  • May improve fitness and cardiovascular health [1]
  • May improve mood [2], [3]
  • May improve creativity [4]
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Time Commitment

An hour

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Why it works

Regular exercise is good for your fitness and health [3]. Lack of exercise can lead to many chronic health conditions [6].

Exercise releases endorphins and increases blood flow to your brain. This improves your mood and general wellbeing [3].

And physical activity outside is slightly better for your mood than physical activity inside [2].

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Suggested Frequency

At least weekly

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Side Effects

Playing sports can risk injury.

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Gurus/Celebrities/Doing it

Emma Watson - tennis and field hockey

Terry Crews - football

Mathew McConaughey - golf

Jamie Foxx - basketball

Avril Lavigne - hockey (on ice skates or rollerblades)

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Suggested Time of Day

Any, but if you are outside between 10am and 3pm use sunblock.

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Playing sports in a team would bring the added benefits of social interaction and community [5].

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 Happiness  Confidence  Stress  Sleep  Fitness  Productivity  Focus  Creativity  Sharpness
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Play sport outside

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