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Walk My Dog

Walk My Dog

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A walk with your dog in the morning or afternoon can dramatically improve your mood and decrease stress.

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Possible Benefits

  • May boost your mood
  • May decrease your stress level
  • May decrease your anxiety level 
  • May improve your creativity 
  • Increases physical activity 
  • May boost your motivation 
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How to Do It

Go out with your dog for a walk at the time you prefer. It is recommended in the morning when the sunlight is healthier and the weather is cooler. 

It is preferable that you do it in natural places, to increase the benefits of this activity.

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Why it works

It has been shown that people who have dogs tend to be more physically active

Pets become meaningful beings for people, generating a sense of psychological well-being and comfort 

One study found that having a pet decreases the likelihood of suffering from depression

The American Heart Association recommends owning a dog, as it can decrease the likelihood of cardiovascular disease (due to physical activity)

Walking has been proven to promote the free flow of ideas [7]

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Time Commitment

20-60 minutes

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Suggested Frequency

At least twice per week

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Time of Day

Any time of day, but preferably the morning 

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Possible Side Effects

None known

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  • Look for natural places nearby and try to change your route sometimes 
  • You can pause to sit in a park and read or just relax 
  • Currently, interventions in mental health with dogs are promoted
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Supporting Studies and Articles

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Walk My Dog

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