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Use the OOLER to improve your sleep and overall health
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Why this product/supplement:
Sleep is critical for overall health, mood and stress levels. The regulation of body temperature affects directly the sleep quality. The body needs a cool environment to get a full recovery. OOLER is a system that regulates the temperature of your bed throughout the night, keeping your body cool.
How to do it:
Install the cooling mattress pad on your bed, connect to the control unit and regulate the temperature using the app. You can schedule the temperature for specific hours and days.
Expected Benefits:
By keeping your body cool throughout the night, the quality of your sleep increases. Sleep quality is positively related to overall health. When you sleep well, your mood improves and your stress levels decrease.
Product Details:
The OOLER includes a unit control where water is placed to make the hydro-powered system work. It includes an adjustable cooling mattress topper and a user-friendly app to set the temperature of the bed between 55-115°F (13-46°C).
Why this particular product:
This is the only sleep system that includes an app to schedule specific temperature throughout the night. Maybe you want to set a specific temperature change at 2 AM, that’s possible with OOLER. You can even schedule different temperatures for each day. It includes Warm Awake feature, which tells your body is time to wake up, so you can replace your usual alarm clock.
Area(s) of improvement:
Happiness, Stress, Sleep
Time commitment:
5 minutes every night to set up
Goes well with:
TrueDark Twilights, TouchPoints for Sleep
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