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TouchPoints for Calm

Use the TouchPoints to improve your stress levels, mood, and focus.
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Why this product/supplement:
A low-stress level is essential for mood, focus, productivity, and overall health. Daily life has lots of stressors and little time to get relaxed. In the long run, you can even get ill because of the persistent high stress. TouchPoints for Calm are a quick solution to achieve a relaxed state in just a few minutes.
How to do it:
Wear the TouchPoint like a watch for about 15 minutes whenever you feel stressed or anxious.
Expected Benefits:
Achieve a state of calm in a few minutes. Get relaxed to study, work, or get a proper night of sleep. Cultivating a lasting state of calm may improve your mood, focus, productivity, and overall health.
Product Details:
TouchPoints use a neuroscience-based technology that generates micro-vibrations with adjustable speed. You can use them as a watch or place them in a sweatband. To use them you just need to press the button and get comfortable for a few minutes.
Why this particular product:
These devices use the bi-lateral alternating stimulation-tactile technology. This technology helps modulate the electrical activity of the brain, improving the physiological response to stress.
Area(s) of improvement:
Happiness, Stress, Productivity, Focus
Time commitment:
Use it for a few minutes when you feel very stressed or anxious, or in advance of stressful situations.
Goes well with:
chiliPAD, OOLER.
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