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ASMR infographic
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ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response 

The premise of ASMR is that when people hear certain types of relaxing “soft” noises they are able to get tingles down their back and relax. 

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How to Do It

Typically ASMR artists record video or audio files with ASMR sounds and different people are susceptible to different sounds. 

A lot of the videos are on Youtube. There is also a popular app called tingles. 

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May help people relax 

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Time Commitment 

5-10 minutes per day 

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Why it works

Some believe that ASMR sounds trigger memories in the brain of people when they were babies and that causes a relaxing response

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Suggested Frequency


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Required Equipment

Smartphone or Computer 

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Related Products

The app tingles

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Suggested Time of Day

Night before bed 

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 Happiness  Stress
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