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Double N-Back

Double N-Back

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Double N-Back infographic
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Double N-Back is a game that may improve your working memory and mental sharpness. It trains the player to hold information in his mind and work with it to solve problems.

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Possible Benefits

  • Improves working memory
  • It strengthens focus
  • Improves problem-solving
  • Increases productivity
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Required Equipment

Double N-Back based task:

Try this example or

Phone application

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How to Do It

There are double n-back applications for your mobile phone or computer. Here is one: https://cognitivefun.net/test/5

Simply download one and play. The rules will be explained to you in the application.

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Why it works

  • Memory is a mental process that can be improved with practice. This exercise helps to develop strategies to hold information longer.
  • By requiring greater focus, it stimulates this ability and gradually strengthens it.
  • It helps you master the information, and your reactions become less automatic.
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Time Commitment

10-15 minutes

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Suggested Frequency

2 times per day

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Time of Day

Morning and afternoon

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Possible Side Effects

It can cause some stress at first because it can be difficult.

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  • Your exercise performance will be better when you have slept well and are in good physical condition.
  • Start out with little difficulty, and as you improve your answers, you can increase the difficulty.
  • The harder it is, the more you will stimulate your memory!
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Supporting Studies

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 Productivity  Focus  Memory  Sharpness
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Double N-Back

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