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You’ll notice I haven’t said anything about eating yet. You are hydrated and your head is clear, but what about your stomach!? Nothing is going to destroy your mood, self-discipline, and ideation faster than hunger - so you need to engineer what goes into your gut. 

The biggest problem with ‘getting quiet’ is that indexing information spikes your mental energy levels and makes you want to skip eating and jump right into ideation. You will absolutely feel excited, focused and energized - but it’s a mental booby-trap! Do not let yourself skip-out on eating.

Instead, eat some fruit and/or vegetables right after you finish your ‘quiet’ time. A small snack of raw carrots, strawberries, or even applesauce is going to prime your digestive system for more food and prevent you from skipping breakfast. 

Ideation can happen anywhere, so let it happen in the kitchen and at the breakfast table! You’ve set yourself up for an incredibly productive day - but you must feed your physical engine the calories it needs to carry you forward.

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What do I eat, why do I eat it, portion sizes, supplements/meal replacements, processed vs whole food, etc.

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7 times per week

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