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Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

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Lemon Balm infographic
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Lemon balm is an aromatic herb, known for its citrus scent and soothing properties.

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Possible Benefits

  • May improve your mood 
  • May decrease anxiety level 
  • May help you relax
  • Antioxidant 
  • May improve digestion 
  • May help you fight some infections 
  • May protect cognitive function
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Required Equipment

Lemon Balm

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How to Do It

An easy way to consume this herb is in an infusion. Boil water, pour boiled water into a cup, add some lemon balm leaves, and drink. Add some sugar or honey if you prefer.

You can also prepare it as an iced tea.

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Why it works

  • Lemon balm contains a high amount of rosmarinic acid, which has been shown to have mood-enhancing and anxiolytic properties. 
  • It contains gallic acid, a component that reduces acid production in the stomach and fights inflammation in the digestive tract. 
  • It has been shown to be effective in fighting the onset of some viruses and bacterial infections. But its effect seems to be moderate.
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Time Commitment

5-10 minutes 

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Suggested Frequency

2-3 times per week 

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Time of Day


Very useful before bedtime

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Possible Side Effects

Headache, nausea, increased body temperature.

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  • Look for fresh lemon balm at a nearby market
  • You can easily grow this herb at home!
  • You can also find lemon balm in essential oil 
  • Apply the essential oil on your skin to soothe quickly
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Supporting Studies and Articles

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 Happiness  Stress  Digestion  Immunity
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Lemon Balm

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