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Play a Sport

Play a Sport

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Playing a sport regularly offers several benefits, mainly related to physical health. Additionally, it can improve your cognitive skills, cultivate willpower, and enhance your ability to achieve goals.

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Possible Benefits

  • May improve your confidence
  • May improve your overall health 
  • May mitigate anxiety 
  • May decrease stress
  • May promote mental toughness 
  • May improve sleep quality 
  • May increase productivity
  • May improve your mood 
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Required Equipment

Varies depending on the sport of your choosing. 

Make sure to get sportswear. 

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How to Do It

Choose a sport and practice it regularly. To increase the benefits, do it at least twice a week. 

Some ideas: soccer, basketball, tennis, football, volleyball, swimming, badminton, baseball, beach volleyball, boxing, golf, hockey, softball, handball, lacrosse, field hockey, martial arts

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Why it works

  • Modern society promotes an energy surplus. We have more energy than we spend. Playing sports is one way to increase energy expenditure and protect health.
  • Physical activity is positively related to psychological well-being and overall health. 
  • People who play sports on a regular basis tend to have more willpower. They develop a greater ability to persist despite the intense effort.
  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), lack of physical activity is one of the main factors leading to the development of chronic diseases and an increased risk of death.
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Time Commitment

30-60 minutes 

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Suggested Frequency

At least 2 times per week

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Time of Day

Any that matches your daily routine

It is probably better in the morning or afternoon

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Possible Side Effects

Muscle and/or joint discomfort

Tends to decrease with regular practice

Be careful to avoid injury

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  • Join a nearby sports club to increase your motivation
  • Always warm-up at the beginning and stretch at the end
  • Track your activity with a wearable to stay motivated 
    • Set monthly or weekly goals 
  • When you feel ready, enter a local competition!
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Supporting Studies and Articles

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Play a Sport

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