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Take folate

Take folate

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Take folate (Vitamin B9)

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How to Do It

Folate is found in fresh and frozen green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and juices, liver, wheat bread and legumes, such as beans. Or you can take the synthetic form folic acid as a supplement, approximately 0.7 - 0.8mg per day is recommended for women prior to becoming pregnant and during pregnancy.

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  • Lowers risk of heart disease and stroke [1], [2]
  • Prevents neural tube defects in newborn babies [3]
  • May reduce cancer risk [4]
  • Boosts energy and mood [5], [6]
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Why it works

  • Prevents elevated homocysteine levels [1], [2], [3]
  • Plays a role in gene expression / turning genes on or off [4], [7]
  • Converts carbohydrates into energy [5]
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Suggested Frequency


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Side Effects

High levels of folic acid (supplement form) for extended periods may 

  • Hide Vitamin B12 deficiency 
  • Increase pre-existing cancer growth
  • Reduce immunity and brain function
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Gurus/Celebrities/Doing it

Khloe Kardashian

Keri Russell

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Suggested Time of Day

Typically on an empty stomach

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  • Folate, whilst most commonly known as Vitamin B9, can also be referred to Vitamin B11 in some countries.
  • Folic acid supplements are absorbed better when taken alongside foods high in other B-vitamins such as B6.
  • Folic acid supplements do not convert into active B9 well when consumed alongside foods high in folate.
  • 5-MTHF is the active form of Vitamin B9/folate in supplements, which may be easier for the body to absorb.
  • If you have the MTHR mutation you should take the 5-MTHF form of the supplement.

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 Happiness  Energy  Productivity  Focus  Sharpness
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Take folate

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