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Wake Up without Alarm

Wake Up without Alarm

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From today forward, your alarm clock is dead to you. You don’t need it. I don’t care what super-soldier you follow on social media or what magic number of sleeping hours you were told you needed. 99% of what you are told about sleep is garbage that marketers created to sell books, clicks, and online ads.

Your body will tell you how much sleep you need - you just need to follow it. 70% of Americans do not get enough sleep because of bad cultural sleeping habits. For 56% of Americans, sleep deprivation starts in the 6th grade. By the end of high school, 72% of students are not getting enough rest. Once you become a parent, you lose another 109 collective sleep-hours per child in the first year! 

Why do we get so behind in our sleep? Because even though your body’s biological needs change every year, the daily grind of everyday life does not. And to keep grinding each day, you were forced to rewire your brain to follow an alarm clock instead of your own internal clock.

The first step to reset your brain’s wiring and gain an incredible mental edge over everyone else is to let your body tell you when to start the day - not your alarm.  What about people in a career field where the day must start by a certain time? There is a solution - can be additional content.

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Wake up without alarm

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7 times per week

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Wake Up without Alarm

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