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Ultiself CEO Featured on Yahoo Finance

Ultiself CEO Featured on Yahoo Finance

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The Team at Ultiself

Table of contents

Ultiself CEO Featured on Yahoo Finance

Table of contents

Value of Routines

We all know that having the RIGHT routine is essential. The things you do consistently everyday determine, how you feel, what you have and eventually who you become. They are one of the biggest contributors to your health, mood and productivity. 

Checklists and Tracking

The best way to make a routine stick is by keeping a journal of what you do. Essentially, you need a checklist or a control panel for your life. 


Not only will Ultiself help you keep track of your activities and habits, but also it will help you identify what works best for YOU. In addition to being the best good habit and activity tracker Ultiself will use machine learning to identify your most effective habits. Think of it like a journal on Steroids :)

Yahoo Finance Feature 

On January 11, 2020 Yahoo Finance came out with an article about morning routines of successful entrepreneurs. Because Ultiself is all about Routines, our CEO Alex Nekritin was one of the entrepreneurs featured. Prior to starting Ultiself, Alex built and sold 2 successful businesses. He attributes a lot of his success to his daily regiment and routine. 

In fact a big reason why Alex is building Ultiself is because of how much importance he places on his morning and daily routines. “Ultiself will put creating, tracking and optimizing your daily routine in the palm of your hand. It will be that life control panel that you are looking for” - Alex Nekritin. 

Alex Nekritin and Ultiself is very excited and grateful to Yahoo Finance to be featured in this piece. Other highly entrepreneurs featured include; serial entrepreneur and real estate mogul Grant Cardone, internet marketing superstar Tay Lopez, Jason Stone.  

Alex’s Moring Routine

In the article Alex describes his morning routine. As the CEO of Ultiself Alex has a team of nutritionists, neuroscientists, and fitness trainers at his disposal. This allows Alex to weed out the garbage and implement the most effective cutting edge mental and physical activities in his routine. 

Some of the key things that Alex does every morning include, getting sun exposure as early as possible to kickstart his serotonin production, hydrating with a lot of high quality water with lime and stretching to release mental and physical tension. 

Morning sun in the forest

What’s to Come

We hope to continue to contribute to Yahoo finance and be featured in other media publications.

As you can see on Ultiself.com, we are adding lots of new habits, routines and articles to our site. More importantly, we are excited for the upcoming release of our game changing app. 

Laptop with the Ultiself website open.

Finally there will be an actionable self improvement tool that will allow people to identify their most effective habits and use them to take their lives to new heights.

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