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Alter Your Routine

Alter Your Routine

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Many people follow the exact same set of tasks every day. It can be very easy to fall into the same routine over and over. Changing your routine will help you redefine your life in a more creative and fun way.

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  • May improve creativity and productivity
  • May increase focus
  • May boost happiness
  • May improve critical thinking
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Required Equipment


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How to Do It

Do not get trapped by old routines

Alter your work schedule

Try a new sleep schedule

Try new restaurants, gym exercises, or yoga classes

Journal your daily activities and mood

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Why it works

Following a generic routine allows your brain to put itself on autopilot mode. It stops thinking outside the box and doesn’t function as well when it has to think about other things.Your brain always changes based on the environment it is constantly put in. The term for this is Neuroplasticity - the brain's natural ability to adapt or grow when exposed to new things. When you alter your routine you allow the brain to keep establishing new connections and continue to grow in new ways.

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Time Commitment

30 minutes per day

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Suggested Frequency

Every week

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Time of Day

When time is available

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Possible Side Effects

Increased Stress/Fear of new things

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  • Go at your own pace. Try one new thing at a time and expand as you feel comfortable. 
  • Keep records of how you alter your routine - if you notice the new routine isn’t working, try a new one!
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Alter Your Routine

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