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Dandelion infographic
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The dandelion is a plant known throughout the world. It is mainly used to improve digestion and metabolism. It also has vitamin B2, potassium, and flavonoids.

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Possible Benefits

  • May improve digestion
  • Detox
  • May increase energy 
  • May improve physical performance
  • May decrease risk of heart disease 
  • May slow down the aging 
  • May decrease cholesterol level
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Required Equipment

Fresh dandelion leaves.

Dandelion tea bags.

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How to Do It

You can consume an infusion made from its leaves or roots. You can also add the leaves to your salad. 

You can also find dandelion tea bags.

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Why it works

  • Vitamin B2 helps to extract energy from the proteins in our diet. 
  • Potassium is essential for neuromuscular functioning. Its deficiency can lead to poor physical performance and exhaustion. 
  • Flavonoids help decrease the risk of coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases. 
  • Dandelion, having several bitter compounds, such as taraxacin and triterpenes, optimizes fat digestion.
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Time Commitment

2-5 minutes 

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Suggested Frequency

Once a week

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Time of Day


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Possible Side Effects

Allergic reactions, stomach discomfort.

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  • If you are going to use the fresh leaves, it is best to use the leaves that are there before the plant flowers. These are less bitter.
  • Some people use the flower petals as a garnish on desserts.
  • Look for the oil moisturizer to use on your skin
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Supporting Studies and Articles

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 AntiAging  Digestion  Fitness  Energy
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