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Get outside

Get outside

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Just being outside, whatever you’re doing, can improve your mood and creative drive.

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How to Do It

Simply go outside into a natural setting on a regular basis. A park, forest, river or grassy area would all be appropriate for this exercise.

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  • May improve mood and satisfaction with life [1,2]
  • Has been shown to boost creativity [3]
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Time Commitment

At least 10 minutes

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Why it works

  • Purely artificial environments have negative effects on mood[4]. So, going outside helps you avoid these.
  • Immersing yourself in nature can act as a distraction. Being distracted by irrelevant trains of thought can increase the frequency of idea generation and improve creative reasoning[3].
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Suggested Frequency

Once a day

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Side Effects

Too much sun exposure can have negative consequences like sunburn and dehydration. Try going outside in the morning or evening when light intensity isn’t at its peak. 

Also, spending too much time away from work can have negative effects on your productivity. 

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Gurus/Celebrities Doing It

Drew Barrymore

Kevin Costner

Matt Damon

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Category Health/Productivity/Mood:

  • Mood
  • Productivity
  • Health
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Suggested Time of Day


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  • Why not go for a walk while you’re outside? This would have additional benefits.
  • Try to get sunlight in the morning as it’s beneficial for serotonin production production and balancing your circadian rhythm[5]. 

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 Happiness  Confidence  Stress  Sleep  Energy  Productivity  Creativity
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Get outside

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