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Glucose Control Supplement

Glucose Control Supplement

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Glucose control supplements are taken to help control blood sugar spikes throughout the day and to maintain a normal A1C level.

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Possible Benefits

  • May lower resting blood sugar levels
  • May lower A1C over time
  • May prevent blood sugar spikes
  • May support gut health
  • May boost metabolism
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Required Equipment

A glucose control supplement.

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How to Do It

Find the right supplement for you and follow the supplements recommended dosage.

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Why it works

Glucose control supplements reduce glucose spikes and your blood in addition to supporting a healthy gut. They may also boost metabolism and help you to maintain a healthy A1C level.

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Time Commitment

Less than 5 minutes 

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Suggested Frequency

Every day.

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Time of Day

Follow the instructions on your supplement.

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Possible Side Effects

Upset stomach.

May interfere with some medications. Discuss with your doctor before supplementing.

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  • Supplements should not be used to treat diabetes. Follow instructions from a healthcare profession.
  • Before taking a supplement, talk to your doctor to ensure it won’t interfere with your diabetes medication.
  • Cinnamon and American Ginseng have been shown to decrease blood sugar levels after meals. Add them to your diet.
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Supporting Studies and Articles

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Glucose Control Supplement

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