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Gratitude on Good Traits CBT

Gratitude on Good Traits CBT

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Gratitude on Good Traits CBT infographic
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Gratitude on Good Traits is an exercise designed to help you appreciate yourself. Being more grateful for your ‘good traits’ may improve your happiness and confidence.

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How to Do It

Regularly write down or think of things about yourself that you’re grateful for. These can be aspects of your personality, talents or physical characteristics. Think about who or what you should be thanking for these traits - your parents? Luck? Your own hard work?

An example can be, “I am grateful for my creativity”, or “I am grateful for being punctual”.

The key is to focus on the positive here.

Try to write down or think of at least 3 things per day.

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Improves well-being [1], [3]

Can improve self-esteem [2]

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Time Commitment

5-10 minutes

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Why it works

  • In general, being more grateful benefits your friends, family and acquaintances. These effects can then circle back to you because people will treat you nicer which will make you happier [1], [3].
  • The self appreciation produced by being grateful on your good traits may improve your mood, confidence, and self compassion [2].
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Suggested Frequency

Once a day

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Side Effects

There are no recorded negative outcomes of any gratitude exercise. However, when in a negative headspace, this exercise may be frustrating. Other habits relating to mood can help in these situations.

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Gurus/Celebrities/Doing it

Chris Pratt

Anna Faris

Will Arnet

Clint Eastwood

Matt Damon

Oprah Winfrey

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Category Health/Productivity/Focus:

  • Mood
  • Productivity
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  • There are many other gratitude exercises that can be combined with this one. See more
  • Try various methods of being grateful, such as thinking the gratitude, writing it down, saying it to yourself while looking in the mirror and meditating on it. See what works best for you. 
  • Try being grateful in the mornings before you even get out of bed in order to start the day of the right way. 
  • You can also be grateful at night before you go to sleep so that you can go to sleep on a good note.
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 Happiness  Confidence  Stress
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Gratitude on Good Traits CBT

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