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Listen Music from Childhood

Listen Music from Childhood

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Music can serve as a great dopamine booster on its own, but music from your childhood comes with the the added benefits of emotional ties and memory associations, which can be somewhat meditative for people. I turn to a playlist of my favorite songs from childhood (usually the stuff my parents played) whenever my brain needs a much needed break from work and I often find that some of my most creative ideas come to me while I'm doing this practice.

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How to Do It

Though there is no set dosage, most evidence suggests that 300–600 mg is sufficient and safe. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions on the back of the supplement bottle.

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Time Commitment

10-15 minutes

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Suggested Frequency

2-3 times per week

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 Happiness  Stress  Sleep  Productivity  Focus  Memory
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Listen Music from Childhood

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