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Morning Sun Exposure

Morning Sun Exposure

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Morning Sun Exposure infographic
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Getting outside and exposing your skin to the sun has many beneficial effects for your health, immunity, mood and sleep quality. 

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How to Do It

Get outside in the morning after you wake up. Expose as much skin as you can to the sun for at least 15 minutes. Do not use sunblock. But if not using sunblock try to make sure that the sun exposure is before 10am. It is even better if you are doing some kind of morning exercise outside. 

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  • May improve immune system 
  • May improve mood 
  • May improve brain function 
  • May improve sleep quality 
  • May boost testosterone levels 
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Why it works

The sun helps our bodies produce and absorb Vitamin D. Vitamin D is beneficial for your immune system, bone health, and mood. Vitamin D also helps speed up metabolism. 

Getting sun in the morning also helps stabilize your circadian rhythm which improves your sleep quality and energy. At night the dark triggers our brains produce melatonin which is needed for sleep and recovery. During the day the sunlight triggers our brains to produce serotonin which is needed for energy and vitality. Getting into the sun in the morning tells our brain that it’s day time and that it’s time to start producing serotonin. 

The Serotonin produced from sun exposure also helps improve our moods and may even help with mild depression. 

Studies have also shown that sun exposure improves brain function. 

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Time Commitment

15-20 Minutes

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Suggested Frequency

5-7 times per week

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Common Side Effects

The biggest side effect is sunburn so try to get out into the sun before 9:30 am. 

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Suggested Time of Day

Between 8 and 10 am

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  • Please consult with your dermatologist about being in the sun without sunblock
  • Sun exposure in the nude can actually increase testosterone in men 
  • If you can try to get outside barefoot as it may help regulate your autonomic nervous system and circadian rhythm. Which can help with digestion, and hormone balances. 

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 Happiness  Stress  Sleep  Immunity  Energy  Productivity  Focus  Sharpness
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Morning Sun Exposure

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