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Work on Posture

Work on Posture

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Training your posture on a regular basis should improve your confidence, give you more energy and make you more healthy. 

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How to Do It

Do exercises that improve your posture on a regular bases. Ideally daily. 

Some exercises to consider are:

  • Bank Pull apart 
  • Wall raises 
  • Neck stretches 
  • Y/T/W 
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  • Builds confidence 
  • Makes you look taller 
  • Makes you look more attractive 
  • Decreases headaches 
  • Good for joints
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Time Commitment

10-20 minutes per day 

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Why it works

  • Decreases headaches 
  • Makes you look better and more attractive 
  • When your bones and joints are in correct alignment it increases your energy levels
  • Good posture increases lung capacity which improves your breathing and thus keeps you more calm
  • If you have bad posture than you are compressing your organs. So work on your posture to stop that. 
  • Studies have shown that good posture can improve your confidence
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Suggested Frequency

Throughout the day

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Required Equipment

None required as many posture exercises can be done without equipment. 

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Gurus/Celebrities/Doing it

Amy Cuddy in Power Poses

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Related Products

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Suggested Time of Day

Throughout the day

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  • You may be too busy to spend time doing these exercises. Check out Alignmed posture apparel, a great option for everyday life.
  • If you are working and taking breaks every 20-30 minutes, like in the pomodoro system it is a great idea to stand up from your desk and do some stretching and a posture exercise. This should keep your posture in balance. 
  • Try working with a stand up desk. Don’t stand all the time but alternate between sitting and standing to give your lower back some rest but also strengthen it at the same time by working standing up for part of your day. 
  • In the gym the Rope Face Pull exercise is great for your posture https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a19544031/beginners-guide-to-face-pull/ 

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Work on Posture

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