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Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri

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Bacopa Monnieri is a plant known as a nootropic and a natural adaptogen. Its leaves are like those of a succulent, and it is used mainly to stimulate some cognitive functions. Currently, its potential as a nervous system protector is being studied.

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Possible Benefits

  • May improve memory 
  • May improve focus 
  • May enhance learning 
  • May decrease anxiety 
  • May help regulate stress level
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Required Equipment

Capsules or tablets.

You can also use the dried plant, but it may not be easy to get.

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How to Do It

Take the tablets or capsules according to the manufacturer's instructions. Normally the daily dose is between 200 and 500mg.

You can also use the dried plant to make an infusion. However, this may cause difficulty in maintaining the optimal dosage.

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Why it works

  • The improvement in some cognitive functions, especially memory, has been attributed to some substances called saponins. These can intervene in protein synthesis in the brain, among other direct effects on the nervous system.
  • Being an adaptogen, it has been shown that it can help regulate serotonin and has a high antioxidant effect.
  • This plant has the potential to increase the level of some enzymes that protect the brain from free radical damage.
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Time Commitment

1-2 minutes 

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Suggested Frequency

According to the manufacturer's instructions

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Time of Day

According to the manufacturer's instructions

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Possible Side Effects

It might cause gastrointestinal issues, nausea, dry mouth, and fatigue.

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  • To get the benefits of this plant, it must be used for at least 4 to 6 weeks consistently.
  • It has been used in combination with Magnolia Bark Extract, and Oleamide to enhance its effects.
  • When using this or any other nootropic, always track the effects it has on you to see if it works. The Ultiself App is a great tool to track this and other habits.
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Supporting Studies and Articles

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 Happiness  Stress  Productivity  Focus  Memory
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Bacopa Monnieri

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