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Bone Broth

Bone Broth

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Bone Broth infographic
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Bone broth is very common in the United States. It is prepared with animal bones and vegetables. It benefits both digestion and bone health.

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Possible Benefits

  • May improve digestion
  • May improve gut health 
  • May strengthen bones
  • May improve skin appearance
  • May enhance immunity
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How to Do It

The recipe is very simple: 

In a large pot, add 1-2 liters of water, bones, 4-6 tablespoons of apple vinegar, vegetables (such as carrots, onion, garlic, and celery), and bay leaves. Cook on high heat for 3-4 hours. Then, cook over medium heat for an additional 2 hours.

When it’s finished, you can store it in the refrigerator to consume later. 

If you wish, you can add some meat, although this is not usually done.

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Why it works

  • By generating gastric juices in the stomach, bone broth improves digestion and metabolism. 
  • Because of its high content of calcium, glucosamine, and magnesium, it helps strengthen bones and other cartilage tissues. 
  • It helps restore intestinal balance, which positively affects the immune system.
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Time Commitment

Up to 6 hours to prepare the broth 

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Suggested Frequency

Once per week

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Time of Day


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Possible Side Effects

Upset stomach, nausea, increased bowel movements

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  • It is better if you prepare this broth at home. 
  • If possible, organically source the animal bones so that the broth has a better source of nutrients. 
  • This broth is ideal to drink when you are on an intermittent fast, especially if it is a wide fasting window
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 Digestion  Immunity
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Bone Broth

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