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Maca is a plant and adaptogen native to South America, known for providing energy and helping to improve physical performance.

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Possible Benefits

  • May improve energy
  • May prevent fatigue
  • May improve physical performance
  • May improve mood
  • May enhance cognitive function 
  • May improve productivity
  • May increase testosterone levels
  • May improve digestion
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Required Equipment

Maca supplement

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How to Do It

Consume according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Maca powder can even be added to soups and smoothies!

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Why it works

  • Maca provides your body with energy, increasing physical performance and improving your body’s adaptation to stressful situations. In fact, some people consume it to treat anemia. 
  • By increasing your energy level, it can increase the level of behavioral activation, which often improves mood. 
  • Its high potassium content means that it can improve cognitive function.Potassium is essential for communication between neurons. 
  • It contains flavonoids, which can help regulate mood.
  • It contains fiber, which can help improve the digestive process.
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Time Commitment

1-5 minutes 

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Suggested Frequency

According to the manufacturer's instruction

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Time of Day


Take it at noon if you want an extra dose of energy to continue your day.

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Possible Side Effects

Sleep disruption, upset stomach, and nausea.

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  • It is called “peruvian ginseng” 
  • Use it to complement your exercise routine to improve your performance. 
  • Take it a few hours before doing jobs that demand a lot of focus. 
  • Avoid using it at night so it does not disturb your sleep.
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Supporting Studies and Articles

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 Happiness  Stress  Digestion  Fitness  Energy  Productivity  Focus  Motivation
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