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Massage Gun Compressor

Massage Gun Compressor

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Massage guns are portable handheld massagers that target specific muscle areas to help with recovery. Often used by high level athletes to get on the go deep muscle massages, massage guns also help relieve muscle aches and pains as well as increasing blood circulation.

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Possible Benefits

  • May relieve muscle aches and pains
  • May improve blood circulation
  • May relieve muscle spasms
  • May break up scar tissue
  • May help with lactic acid build up
  • May enhance range of motion
  • May improve overall wellness
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Required Equipment

Massage gun.

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How to Do It

Turn the massage gun on, place the massage piece on the target area, and massage the area.

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Why it works

Not only have massage guns been proven to help with muscle recovery, but they alleviate pain, increase range of motion, improve sleep quality, and can even enhance immunity. Using a massage gun after workouts is a great way to reward your body and bring relief to your muscles.

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Time Commitment

10-15 minutes per session.

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Suggested Frequency

3 times per week.

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Time of Day

Anytime, but preferably after your workout. 

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Possible Side Effects

If used incorrectly, the massage gun may cause ruptured blood vessels, nerve sensitivity, or muscle fiber damage.

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  • Use after intense workouts to help relieve muscles.
  • Be sure to massage different muscle groups to get the most benefit.
  • There are many massage guns on the market. Do your research and find the one that will work best for you and your needs.
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Massage Gun Compressor

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