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Put Food First

Put Food First

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Yes, we just talked about food. And yes, we are talking about it again because it is that important! There is no faster way to kill your brain’s processing power than by letting yourself get hungry.

30% of all professionals skip lunch on a regular basis. 51% take less than 30 minutes for lunch, opting for small packaged snacks rather than a balanced meal. And worst of all, 66% of millennials believe that working through lunch is an effective way to get ahead in their chosen career! Instead of seeing food as an inconvenience to your career, reputation, or diet, recognize it as a force-multiplier. Every strength you have - mental, physical, emotional, creative - gets stronger when your body is properly nourished. 

Always have a plan for what and when you will eat. CIA operatives rarely eat large, heavy sit-down meals. Instead we’ll eat a mix of smaller servings every 2-3 hours. A mix of raw/pickled foods (fruits, vegetables), cooked foods (meats, grains), and cultured foods (dairy) eaten throughout the day is easy for your body to digest, prevents hunger, and has massive benefits for weight loss, lean muscle growth, and improved sleep.

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How to Do It

What to eat, how to pack it, what to eat on the run/eat out, shopping list, etc.

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7 times per week

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 Sleep  Digestion  Immunity
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Put Food First

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