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Take Aniracetam

Take Aniracetam

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Aniracetam is a type of nootropic, a substance that can help improve some cognitive functions. They are usually useful for improving productivity and focus.

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Possible Benefits

  • May improve memory 
  • May improve focus 
  • May increase productivity 
  • May reduce anxiety
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Required Equipment

Capsules or tablets

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How to Do It

It is usually recommended to start with 750mg each day and take it regularly for several days. This way you will start to notice the benefits. It is not a fast-acting substance, so you must be patient and consistent. Ideally, you should take it after a meal.

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Why it works

  • It has the ability to improve the use of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This is used in the best way and can improve memory and thinking. 
  • According to different studies, people often report decreased anxiety and tension after taking Aniracetam. 
  • It is studied for its potential to improve the uptake of dopamine and serotonin, substances in the nervous system that have an effect on different cognitive functions.
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Time Commitment

1 minute 

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Suggested Frequency

2-3 times per week or per manufacturer’s instructions

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Time of Day


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Possible Side Effects

Headache, nausea.

If consumed in very high doses, it can cause nervousness and stomach upset.

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  • You should always consult your doctor about the use of this kind of product. 
  • This nootropic is especially attractive because while it improves some cognitive functions, it can also give a sense of calm and relaxation. The two above are a good combination to increase productivity.
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Related Products

Nootropics, adaptogens.

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Supporting Studies and Articles

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 Happiness  Productivity  Focus  Memory  Sharpness
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Take Aniracetam

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