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Have Sex

Have Sex

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Having sex is one of the most pleasant activities for human beings. It is associated with the circuits of pleasure and reward, with emotions and well-being, and has physical health benefits.

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Possible Benefits

  • May improve health 
  • May boost your mood
  • May decrease anxiety
  • May decrease stress level 
  • May boost your confidence 
  • May improve sleep quality
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Required Equipment

To avoid unplanned pregnancy and STIs, use birth control. This includes, but is not limited to, condoms, the pill, and IUDs.

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How to Do It

It couldn’t be simpler: have sex with a consenting partner. Always be safe and make it as satisfactory as possible.

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Why it works

  • Sex is a physical activity that can have a positive impact on heart and muscle function.
  • One study [2] found that sexual activity before bedtime can create a behavioral pattern that improves sleep quality.
  • Endorphins, or pleasure hormones, are released in high quantities when you have sex. 
  • Having sex increases the production of dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters involved in pleasure responses.
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Time Commitment


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Suggested Frequency

At least once a week

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Time of Day


More frequent at night 

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Possible Side Effects

Not practicing safe sex can result in STIs and/or unplanned pregnancy.

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  • Aim for good quality sex, and not just frequency. 
  • Exercise regularly to improve your sexual performance. 
  • Be open with your partner about your desires. 
  • Avoid compulsive behaviors. Keep control of your sex drive. 
  • Be sure that your partner is willing and consents.
  • Practice safe sex by using birth control such as condoms, the pill, and/or an IUD.
  • Get tested for STIs to protect you and your partner.
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Supporting Studies and Articles

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