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The Ultiself Catalog of Biohacking and Self-Improvement Equipment

Upgrade your mind & body with leading biohacking products
Improve your:
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Upgrade your mind & body with proven biohacking equipment. We did the hard work for you - Use this directory to find out the right equipment for the area you want to improve. Learn More...

Use the chiliPAD to improve your sleep and overall health
Use the chiliBLANKET to improve your sleep and overall health
Use the OOLER to improve your sleep and overall health
TrueDark Daylights
Use TrueDark Daylights to improve your focus, productivity, and sharpness.
TrueDark Twilights
Use TrueDark Blue Light Blocking Glasses to improve your sleep, focus, and energy levels.
Truelight Energy Square
Use the Truelight Energy Square to slow down aging, improve your skin appearance and overall health
ionHealth Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer
Use the ionHealth Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer to improve your health, immunity, and digestion.

If you are looking for top recommendations on apparel to improve your life, you are in the right place. The Biohacking Product Directory of Ultiself includes a section dedicated to apparel, so you can find the right products for you. As you will see, this category is key for different areas, apart from the most common one: the posture alignment.

The main advantage of this product group is that it acts while you use it in your daily life. The rhythm of daily life makes it difficult to do activities that generate well-being. Apparel is a good option to not waste your time and improve those areas that interest you. While you work, study or do your daily activities, you can wear some clothes that will give you different benefits.

Let's look at the specific example of the apparel that is focused on improving your posture. One of the Ultiself habits is called “Work on Posture”. Even when it sounds quite simple and specific, improving your posture may improve other areas of your life. In an experiment conducted by the University of Auckland, New Zealand, two scientists found that people who had an upright sitting posture tended to be more resilient, had better self-esteem, responded better to stress, and had a less negative mood. All of that compared to people who showed a slumped posture.

These scientists concluded that the muscular and autonomic states have an impact in our emotions and how we experience them. It seems simple, but it may really affect your mood and make a difference when you are facing stressful situations. It makes sense because our minds and bodies are interconnected and they influence each other all the time. This way, it is clear that working on your posture impacts more than your posture and appearance.

Other benefits you can get from working on your posture are increased levels of energy, improved lung capacity, and of course, you would look taller. As you can see, a simple product that you can use on a daily basis ends up providing different benefits for your life.

Holistic approach

At Ultiself, we encourage you to follow a holistic approach in your self-improvement process. In this case, the balance between Mind, Body, and Environment is crucial. In this case, by working on a specific area, your body, and the posture, you strengthen your mind.

It is common for people to focus on some areas as a priority. There is nothing wrong with that in principle. We all have priorities according to our values and goals. However, the problem arises when we neglect other areas of our lives. That's why we talk about maintaining a balance because it's key to pay enough attention to each one of them.

At the end of the day, overlooking any one of the essential areas will end up affecting our performance and ability to achieve goals and meet obligations. Our recommendation is to determine some goals and try to find the product that may help to achieve them in a convenient way for you.

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