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Digestion Routine

Digestion Routine

Intro icon Digestion Routine - Intro

A lot of evidence shows that the human gut microbiota plays a crucial role in health, disease protection, and maintenance of gut function.

Did you know 90% of all serotonin is made in the gut? The bacteria living in your gut also affect hormone production in the hypothalamus, adrenal, pituitary glands and your immune system! 

By taking care of your gut, your body will be more efficient at digesting food and will absorb more nutrients.

Because your gut controls so many aspects of your body you need to take care of your gut health. 

Here’s a routine with key habits to maintain a healthy gut.



Take mood boosting Probiotics

DESCRIPTION - You can improve your wellbeing and decrease your risk of disease by improving your gut bacteria. The use of probiotics has been shown to reduce diarrhea, treat inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer, immune system function, and even improve your mood. Take a probiotic designed to keep your gut healthy.

ACTION - Take fermented foods or probiotic supplements daily.


Best Time of Day: Morning


DESCRIPTION - Meditation has been shown to be an easy and effective way at reducing bowel inflammation. Meditate for 10 minutes each day to improve your gut health.

ACTION - Meditate for 10 minutes each day to improve your gut health.


Best Time of Day: Morning

Any Time of Day


DESCRIPTION - Staying hydrated is important to maintaining healthy bacteria levels in your gut. Maintaining hydration helps to prevent the formation of TNF-α, a mediary of cell death. It also helps to prevent constipation. So make sure to drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day.

ACTION - Drink at least 2 a 3 liters of water per day.


Best Time of Day: Any

Walk outside

DESCRIPTION - Evidence shows that exercising leads to a healthier intestinal tract. Go for a 30-60 minute walk three or four times per week to promote a healthier gut.

ACTION - Go for a 30-60 minute walk three or four times per week.


Best Time of Day: Any

Minimize Sugar Consumption

DESCRIPTION - Processed sugars cause your body to digest food less efficiently and absorb fewer nutrients! Eating these sugars leads to a massive increase in obesity! Whenever possible, avoid processed foods and added sugars.

ACTION - Decreases the amount of added sugar in your diet.


Best Time of Day: Any

Eat Fennel

DESCRIPTION - Fennel is a traditional Indian spice containing a large number of necessary vitamins, minerals, and energy to promote improved wellbeing. This spice helps to prevent constipation and other forms of indigestion. Chew a few fennel seeds after each meal to benefit from these effects.

ACTION - Chew a few fennel seeds after each meal to enhance your digestion.


Best Time of Day: Any

Core Habits icon Why Core Habits are Important for Digestion

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Digestion Routine

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